‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Guide: How To Finish All Apex Missions

By Allan , Updated Mar 29, 2017 04:23 AM EDT

One of the special missions found in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is the Apex Missions. It’s a strike mission that’s very important for players to finish so they can earn extra credits, experience and of course items. Some players are confused identifying which missions are Apex and which are not so this article will help in that matter. From knowing the difference between an Apex mission to not and how to complete the strike mission.

How to Start Strike Missions in “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

The only way to start the strike missions in the game is to go to Nexus and talk to Kandros. He should be found in the Operations area in the security section and he should tell the player how the strike teams can go on a mission. From there, players should be able to control all their strike team in Tempest.

And to start the mission, players just need to go to Tempest and into the Research and Development room. This should be found at the back of the ship’s bridge. In the room, players will find various devices that look like laptops in a circle table. Look for the one with the Strike Team Missions label and use it to get started with the missions according to Twinfinite.

How to Complete Apex Missions

In the beginning, players only get one strike team but will eventually grow to more teams when they have enough Mission Funds to buy more according to Primagames. And the only way to get more Mission Funds is to finish the strike team missions given in the game. So to get started, click the icon in the middle at the screen’s top to go to the list of missions available. From there, players will see all the list of mission and they will easily identify which are Apex mission, the one with the orange emblem to the right, and normal mission.

Both missions are timed so players must complete the mission before the timer ends. Each game also comes with a success rate which gives the player an idea how successful their team can be if they took the mission. So in choosing missions, players must check the time and success rate to assess whether their team is ready to do the mission. Start with the ones with high success rate first then take it to the next level as their teams improve.

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