‘Persona 5’ Guide: Level Up Igor’s Fool Confidant Rank To Increase Capacity

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 17, 2017 05:04 AM EDT

"Persona 5" gamers getting used to the gameplay presented by the JRPG may note that the number of Personas that can be carried at a time is limited. However, there are a few strategies, some involving the story mode, that will allow gamers to carry more Personas than at the beginning. Moreover, "Persona 5" players may also learn different techniques on how to gain more guts which are important in the game.

One Important Skill Can Increase Persona Capacity.

In the early stages of the game, a "Persona 5" player is limited to carry a total of six Personas from tons of Personas. However, this capacity can be increased by leveling up skills and progressing through the story mode, Gearnuke reported. To increase Persona capacity, it is necessary to level up Igor's Fool Confidant rank first. This upgrade will increase the Persona capacity at Rank 3.

Once Igor's Fool Confidant rank is increased, the Persona Capacity will increase to eight Personas instead of six. "Persona 5" gamers who progress through the story will be able to upgrade this skill further, increasing the Persona capacity of up to 16 Personas. This will increase Persona capacity by 10 so deleting old Personas to make room for new ones will no longer be necessary.

How To Increase Stats In "Persona 5"

Meanwhile, "Persona 5" features a variety of social stats that allow interaction with the different systems in the world and increasing relationships with others. It can take some time to increase guts but there are various sources. For instance, choosing to study in the school library or going to the coffee shop and ordering coffee will increase both guts and knowledge, Polygon reported.

Persona 5" players may also get guts by participating in Tae Takemi's clinical trials. She may be found early in the game before Kamoshida Castle Palace. At night, visit the burger palace on Central Street and win the Big Bang Burger Challenge to raise guts.


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