‘Persona 5’ The Caligula Effect Launches May 2; Sales Reveal Game Is Big Success, Spin-Offs Coming

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 17, 2017 04:37 PM EDT

"Persona 5" developers have just published a PS Vita exclusive JRPG. Moreover, the game was written by the writer of the original "Persona" game and its sequel. It is expected that "The Caligula Effect" written by Tadashi Satomi will launch on May 2 as an exclusive on the PlayStation Vita.

Deluxe Bundle Contains Free DLC

The "Persona 5" developers are also launching a deluxe bundle of "The Caligula Effect." It is expected that the bundle will include a copy of the game along with a PS Vita theme featuring some of the characters in the game and virtual idol µ. In addition, 19 avatars will also be included in the bundle along with a swimsuit costume DLC pack for £29.99 or €39.99, PlayStation Blog reported.

The "Persona 5" developers are set to roll out another deep JRPG involving a bunch of students at the Kishimai high School. The teens realize that their whole life is a lie as they stumble upon the reality that their life is a digital construct called Mobius, created and ruled by the omnipotent virtual idol μ (pronounced myoo).

These students will call themselves the Go-Home Club as they embark on a mission to break out of this virtual hell. The teens are tasked to fight against crazed students called the Digiheads and defeat the evil music producers and eventually μ, all while facing their deepest inner traumas.

"Persona 5" Spin-Offs Expected to Launch Soon

In other news, early sales figures of "Persona 5" shows that the JRPG is a success for Atlus, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. It should be noted that "Persona" titles has been a popular series for some time now. It is expected that Atlus will be creating tie-in games that were previously hinted in a recent customer survey.

"Persona 5" spin-off titles are all the rage as Atlus casts its beloved characters in a different setting. Some expected "Persona 5" spin-offs may include "Café Leblanc," "Art Academy: Persona 5 Edition," "Ann & Rise Model Adventures" and "Ace Attorney: Sae Niijima." The game may also come via a 2D fighting game called "Persona 5 Arena" along with other spin-off titles like "Persona 5 Golden," "The Littlest Hobo: Morgana Edition," "Persona 5 x Detective Conan" and Ladykiller game "Sojiro Dating Sim."

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