'NieR: Automata' DLC Adds Square Enix Boss Fight & More

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 18, 2017 09:47 PM EDT

Reports have supposedly confirmed that Square Enix did not expect "NieR: Automata" to become this popular. The action-RPG game was developed in collaboration with Platinum Games as a sequel to the niche hit "NieR". The original game was supposed to be a joke ending based on "Drakengard", but has surprisingly become a hit with JRPG fans. The game has reportedly surpassed the company's sales expectations within its first month after launch. Additionally, the game is scheduled to receive its own Square Enix boss fight via DLC.

Several gamers credit Yoko Taro, the game director for "NieR: Automata", and his sense of humor and post-apocalyptic design for the game's charm. Game Rant notes that due to the game's surprisingly huge audience, the developers Square Enix and Platinum Games have decided to take advantage of its popularity. To celebrate the action-RPG's one million shipments milestone, the company hosted a live stream to unveil its planned DLC for the game. This time players will be able to take on Square Enix boss Yosuke Matsuda and Platinum Games' CEO Kenichi Sato.

According to Yoko Taro, he reportedly wanted the DLC to be called "3C3C1D119440927" and will include new costumes, content, new side quests and the Square Enix boss encounter. Unlike the same encounter featured in "Final Fantasy XV," Yosuke Matsuda will be joined by Kenichi Sato from Platinum Games. Their attacks are also adapted to the world of "NieR Automata" with attacks that almost fills up the whole screen with projectiles and surprise attacks. It seems like the game director wanted to credit both CEOs for the game's fruition.

Fans of the series will also have something to look forward to other than the Square Enix boss fight. The DLC costumes will apparently pay tribute to "NieR: Replicant" and its cast of characters. Players can take on several challenges in the colosseum to earn these rewards and tweak how their "NieR: Automata" characters' appearance.

The original Square Enix boss fight was originally intended as a gag feature during their "Mystery Disc" live stream event for "Final Fantasy XV". The boss battle apparently became so popular that fans requested to have it added as a DLC, as reported by Gamenguide. The upcoming "NieR: Automata" DLC is scheduled for a May 2, 2017 release date in Japan, while a western release has not yet been confirmed.

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