What Do You Know about Amazon Web Services Specialty Certifications? Are They Still Worth It?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 14, 2020 10:30 AM EDT
What Do You Know about Amazon Web Services Specialty Certifications? Are They Still Worth It?
(Photo: What Do You Know about Amazon Web Services Specialty Certifications? Are They Still Worth It?)

Let's face it: cloud computing has been around for several years now. While it was hot to have specialized skills in cloud computing, advanced networking, and other related disciplines circa 2007/2010, the times and innovations have changed. Amazon was the first company to seriously launch cloud computing into the world in the early 2000s. Always a trendsetter, Amazon's new subsidiary paved a way into this untapped market, and to date, remains in the top three titans in this category. Its Specialty Certifications are giving futuristic IT practitioners a chance to build effective and cutting-edge cloud initiatives based on ExamLabs . So, the AWS Specialty Certifications are definitely worth it as they have been in high demand for years and can improve your career immensely. Don't be Nokia in a world of iPhones and Samsung and become AWS Specialty certified!

What Are AWS Specialty Certifications?

These certifications are considered the benchmark for cloud computing expertise. Any AWS certified specialist is validated as a master in cloud computing. The AWS Specialty path is split into 6 badges namely Advanced Networking, Security, Machine Learning, Database, Data Analytics, and Alexa Skill Builder. Whatever your skillset in AWS is, these specialty certifications have you covered Certbolt.com

AWS is can rightly be called a leader in all matters of cloud computing as its platform is in use globally and boasts of the largest and most dynamic community of start-ups, government agencies, and large enterprises. Its specialty credentials not only entrench you as a master expert in the world of cloud computing but also exposes you to the largest market for your skills. 

Details of AWS Specialty Credentials

In the meantime, here is a breakdown of each specialty badge. Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam offers more functionality and features than any other cloud provider out there. Thus, you are guaranteed to find your refined niche in any of them. 

  • Advanced Networking

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking is tailored to IT specialists who are tasked with complex networking responsibilities. If you know you are the guy responsible for designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions for your organization, this accreditation is for you. This particular certification will announce to the world that you have an advanced understanding of AWS Certification concepts and a mastery of the very best in cloud computing architecture. Sounds like you? Great. The only recommendation by the vendor is that you possess some tech experience with AWS Cloud to start pursuing this badge. More details can be found on the official AWS website.

  • Alexa Skill Builder

Unless you live under a rock, you must be familiar with Amazon Alexa - the virtual assistant AI technology introduced by Amazon. This certification will prove that you are adept at building, testing, and publishing Amazon Alexa skills. AWS has always been on the cusp of cutting-edge technology, and Alexa is no different. Currently, Alexa is sold in over 100 million Echo devices across the US and various parts of the world, and experts predict that its prevalence will only increase. The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Video Course Builder badge will equip you with the ability to design the architecture to build the Alexa skills as well as user experience. 

Wouldn't you want to be associated with the development process of this game-changer? We know you would. If you feel the same and you are a software developer or a solutions architect, and you are proficient in a programming language, this may be a great fit for you.

  • Security

If your role primarily includes performing security and you have some practical experience securing AWS workloads, then the AWS Certified Security accreditation is for you. This certification promises to aid your understanding of AWS data protection mechanisms and encryption methods. Moreover, it will prove that you are skilled in security operations and risk. Being certified as a security specialist in one of the world's largest and most sought-after cloud computing solutions sounds like a no-brainer. In addition, you are only advised to have some AWS Cloud experience related to security to launch this learning path.

  • Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning has been buzzing in the IT sphere for a couple of years now. The science that goes into it is complicated, but through the Amazon Certifications Course Machine Learning certification, you have a chance to become proficient in it. AWS has taken upon itself to teach you how to build, train, tune and deploy various machine learning models on its cloud platform. After this, you will be counted among the masters who can definitively select an ML solution appropriate for a given business challenge. 

If you are a player in the development of data science space of IT, this credential is right up your alley. The certification only requires 1 to 2 years' experience with machine learning workloads on the AWS Cloud, with the ability to express the 'intuition' behind ML algorithms. Additionally, if you can pinpoint and follow best practices in deployment and ML operations, you are all set! 

  • Data Analytics

Big Data aficionados, AWS sees you! The AWS Data Analytics wants to validate your awesome skills on a global platform like you've always deserved. This certification aims to further heighten your expertise in AWS services as it concerns designing, building, and maintaining an analytics system. To qualify for this badge, the vendor recommends that you have AWS Cloud experience with data analytics.

  • Database

Last but not least, the AWS Certified Database accreditation is designed for individuals who can adeptly design, recommend, and maintain the optimal AWS database. This specialist can also optimize any AWS database to improve performance, reduce costs, and champion innovation. 

Through this certification, you will be among the very few but highly skilled practitioners who can differentiate key features of various AWS database services. This credential will ensure that you'll be the guy who your organization relies on to analyze its needs and recommend or design a befitting database solution using the AWS platform. Not all heroes wear caps, right? 

In a Nutshell

Cloud computing is pegged as one of the fastest-growing sensations in IT at the moment. Innovations are being experienced every day, led by none other than AWS itself. You've worked long and hard to reach where you are today, especially in cloud computing - a field that is constantly changing and raging forward rapidly. Board the AWS bus and let their Specialty accreditations take you to your desired career mountain top. You owe yourself that much, and quite frankly, you deserve all the success that will come with them. 

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