Tips & Tricks to Improve your Escape from Tarkov Gameplay

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 29, 2021 02:33 PM EDT
Tips & Tricks to Improve your Escape from Tarkov Gameplay
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Escape from Tarkov has created a rage overnight in the video gaming community. With its realistic gunplay, dynamic systems of damage, and sophistication the game has not failed to enthrall one and all. The buzz around the game has stirred curiosity among the new gamers as well. However, once they start playing the game it gets difficult to handle it. Do not worry if you are one of them still struggling to venture into the real entertainment of Escape from Tarkov. Our eft hacks guide you through the tricks to build on your Escape from Tarkov skills.

Escape from Tarkov does not hand out any information to get started with the game. It is this realistic approach of the game that gives it its popularity. However, with no information, the newbies tend to be left confused. With these Escape from Tarkov hacks, you are sure to jump in and speed up in the game.

Controls and Interface

The controls and interface could be a bit daunting at first but once you crack it then it is pretty straightforward. Here we list down all that you need to improve on the controls and increase your chances of success.

  • The CTRL and the LEFT key lets you automatically loot things fast which means less time in planning the inventory. This is the perfect secret to loot after you face an encounter.

  • Press the middle mouse button to examine any item that seems foreign. This saves you lots of time during the game.

  • Use the controls and binds that you desire. Binds give you easy momentum and control over the game. It is worth spending some time checking them out

  • Check the fire mode when you are using a new gun. There are chances that you may end up firing incorrectly.

  • You are free to move the grenade around the inventory to set a priority on which one you would use first.

  • Jackets contain the spawn keys so you should remember to check them every time.

  • Using the right settings is important.

  • Strip off the guns before you sell them to get the best price.


The gameplay is not easy, especially for a beginner. You do not get any kind of help to begin. Here are some tricks and tips that can help.

  • BHop is a boosted jump that lets you jump and sprint when you are running. However, make sure that the timing is right.

  • Suppression is crucial in this realistic game which applies to the sound as well as the visuals. The suppressor is capable of cutting down the smoke that comes out from the weapon. This lets you be undercover but to properly see and aim when shooting

  • Headsets amplify the sound letting you hear the footsteps. This allows tracking down and taking over the enemies on the map. However, it is also important to stay cautious as your own movements are also being heard by the enemies.

  • Insurance should not be ignored because it lets you hold on to the stuff after you have been raided.

  • Flea Market is the place where you can get your stuff at a bargain. Instead of going to the trader get your stuff from here.

  • Look Things up because there is a lot of difference between the attachments. You will not have enough time to do a trial and error on everything.

Combat and maps

Finding your way through the maps is the key to come out of the game victorious.

  • The maps in his game are complicated. Spend time getting to know the map. Keep the map in your hand which can let you perform better at the game.

  • Focus first on one map only especially if you are a beginner. Understanding one map completely will ensure that the game does not get complicated for you.

  • There are several grenades each of which has a different delay and timing. Pay attention to the timing to not throw the grenade too early or too late.

  • Painkillers help in healing. Make sure that these arrive well in time to let you stay safe.

  • SCAV runs are crucial that lets you get more money easily in the games.

  • The stashes location can be found online which saves you time in searching for the things.

  • There are different visors for different helmets each of which gives you a different view.

  • Various maps have various times which lets you know if you are playing in the day or the night mode.

Improve the gameplay 

To play Escape from Tarkov and win it, it is important that you practice a lot.

  • Playing with bots is a great idea to give you a feel of the gunplay.

  • The screen selection gives you a clear idea of the number of players that are active in the game. It lets you gauge the difficulty of the game.

  • Complete the quests to explore everything that the game has to offer.

The game indeed is difficult but these tips and tricks can make the process easy teaching you the skills needed to survive and Escape from Tarkov.

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