Flappy Goat Mini-game: Goat Simulator Features a Flappy Bird Clone [VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Mar 31, 2014 09:43 AM EDT

As gamers play their way through the alpha of Goat Simulator in anticipation of the game's release on April 1, they'll find all sorts of easter eggs. You can fly your goat to space, play as non-goats like giraffes and ostriches, smash through Coffee Stain Studio's actual office (and employees), and even try out a fully playable version of a game called Flappy Goat. It's exactly the kind of Flappy Bird clone that has clogged up the App and Google Play stores the last few months after Flappy Bird's departure, but of course you're playing a goat that's playing the game, which is something you might have dreamt about but never assumed would become reality. Check out the video below. 

After releasing what may be the greatest single trailer for a videogame in human history (one that beautifully lampoons the infamous Dead Island trailer) Goat Simulator is ready to capture our hearts too, with a long, sticky tongue. From all reports the game is just as stupid and ridiculous as the developers are saying it is. 

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As for Flappy Bird, it looks like it may be returning sometime in the near future, but why wait when you can get a perfectly good version right now? A perfectly good goat version?

Check out the video and remember- gaming changes forever tomorrow.

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