'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Shelby Cobra Restoration Guide: How to Restore this Car Using Only Repaired Parts [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 22, 2021 05:58 AM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from CrypticFox's "Shelby Cobra Junkyard Rebuild with ONLY Repaired Parts - Car Mechanic Simulator 2021")

In Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, players can repair and restore one of the 80 cars that are available in the game using more than 4,000 parts. 72 of them are already installed in the game, while the other 8 are in two of its downloadable content (DLC) car packs.

These cars, once repaired or restored, can either be kept as part of their garage collection or sell it for additional profit.

The game also gives them freedom to what car they want to refurbish, and how they want to do it, either using brand new parts, including performance parts, by repairing a car's parts until it is fully usable, or use the parts that they usually found in the Junkyard.

If the player wants to train its resourcefulness, especially for challenges such as the Rust Racer Challenge, they can do the latter two, especially in cars that they usually found in the same Junkyard, such as the Shelby Cobra, or the DC Typhoon in the game.

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How to Restore a Shelby Cobra Using Only Repaired Parts

In this restoration, players need to use only repaired parts for the Shelby Cobra. But before they start the said restoration, they must first know what parts to be needed, as well as parts that needs repairs.

According to CrypticFox's YouTube video, they must first disassemble the car, including its doors, wheels and suspension, engine, windshield, and the interior. As they disassemble the parts, they would also notice which parts needs to be repaired, as well as parts that needs to be scrapped, and parts that were missing.

They need to keep in mind that in this restoration, the parts that they will be using are the ones that are repaired, which means, they will not buy brand new parts except the battery.

To check the status of the parts, they need to see what color the highlighted parts are during the Parts Unmount Mode. If the part is green, it means that that it is still in working condition. If it is yellow, it means that needs to be repaired. If it is brownish or red, it means that it is impossible to repair anymore and it needs to be scrapped.

Once they got the parts that will be repaired, they go to the Repair Table, where they will play a minigame. To do this, they will click a car part, and click the Start Repairing button. From there, they will see red, green, and grey tabs. The objective is to land on the green tabs in order to "repair" the said part.

Once they successfully land on the green part, the Condition of the part increases while its Cost decreases. They will need to repair this process until all of the parts are 100%, or fully repaired.

They can also use the other machines in their garage in order to repair other car parts. The Wielding Machine can repair the whole body frame, while the Brake Lathe Machine can repair the brake pads, and the Battery Charger charges the battery

For those parts that are missing, they can either search in the junk scraps in the Junkyard or buy cars that can be used as "donor cars," or cars that has the parts needed, in Kowalski's Salvage Auction. They can also look for car parts that they can use in the Barn.

Once they repaired the parts of the car, they can now reassemble it. They can also customize its paint job in the Paint Shop. After they tune up the gears, and align both the headlights and the wheels, they can now test drive their own Shelby Cobra.

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