'Overwatch 2' Brigitte Rework Guide: What Changes Devs Made, Stun Effect, OTHER Planned Tweaks for the Game

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 15, 2021 12:32 AM EDT
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The developer team for Overwatch 2 revealed their plans for Brigitte in preparation for the incoming sequel of the first-person shooting game.

The said plans include a complete overhaul for the Support character, including certain features that she has, and well known for, will be lost while they are working for her inclusion.

What Devs Made for Brigitte

The said plans were first revealed in a Reddit AMA with the Overwatch 2 developers when a Redditor asked a question regarding what are they planning for the Support characters in the game, including Brigitte.

According to GameRant, the developers noted that her Shield Bash will not stun enemies anymore, it can go through barriers, such as Reinhardt's Barrier Field and Sigma's Experimental Barrier.

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To compensate the said loss of its stun effect, they said that they will give the said ability a buff, making it deal more damage, which was removed in the game's previous balance patch, while its cooldown was reduced.

The said buff also make its range doubled, makes her travel further, especially while her Barrier Shield was deployed, and will trigger her Inspire passive ability, healing her allies within the range in the process.

With the said buffs, according to NME, she can now dive deeper to the battlefield with mace bash and escape towards safety with greater ease, while making the skill into a traversal tool thanks to its even lower cooldown, and heal allies without dropping it.

The reason behind this change, according to the developers, is to "chill out" those abilities that involve crowd control by removing its components to Heroes that are non-Tanks, and instead buff the skills in other ways.

Other Changes

Aside from the said changes made for Brigitte, the developers also revealed that Supporter Heroes will also receive tweaks in their utility. According to DBLTap, they will change the healing output of said Heroes, making it much smaller compared to what their current build is having.

They also revealed in the Reddit AMA that they are testing possible changes for Doomfist, making him focus on being a Tank. According to the developers, he had skills that focus on crowd control and mobility, which are much perfect tools for a Tank more than a DPS.

However, converting Doomfist's role will make him lost some damage dealing abilities, and instead gain several an increase of its defense.

Another changes that might be implemented in Overwatch 2, according to the developers, is having a less Ultimate gains from Tank Heroes, however they still have not modified it.

Other plans that they revealed includes testing several buffs for the reworked Bastion that might give him more protection against attacks and a rework on the cooldown of Zarya's barriers, as well as reworks for Mercy and Zen to make them focus on healing allies, and movement speed tweaks for DPS Heroes.

The developers also working on different ways to ensure that Tank heroes are still powerful, yet satisfying to play in Overwatch 2, which includesreworking on D.Va to make her a more powerful Hero thanks to a tweaked Defense Matrix, as well as giving experimental buffs to Roadhog's abilities and damage reduction.

They are also working on resolving problematic mechanics in the game, including Zenyatta's Orb of Discord and Echo's Duplicate, which became beneficial to Tank Heroes.

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