'Pokemon Go' Halloween 2021 Event Guide: How to Accomplish Special, Timed, Field Researches

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 16, 2021 06:06 AM EDT
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Halloween is around the corner in Pokemon Go, and Trainers will be rewarded with in-game treats as a lot of Research Tasks will be up for grabs for them to complete during the event.

This year, the Halloween Event in Pokemon Go will be split into two. The first part, according to Polygon, has started today, October 15th, and it will last until October 22nd.

During those days, all of the Candies that Trainers obtained from catching, hatching, and transferring will be doubled.

How to Accomplish the Halloween Cup Timed Research

One of the Research Tasks for the said event, the Halloween Cup Timed Research lets Trainers finish tasks related to the game's Battle League on a Limited Time. Once they accomplish the tasks, they will be rewarded with Pokemon encounters.

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To accomplish this, according to Polygon, first they must participate in the Battle League, where they can receive a Sableye encounter.

Afterwards, they need to battle five more times before receiving a Yamask encounter, then win a Trainer Battle to reward themselves an encounter with Frillish.

Next, they must win four more Trainer Battles in the Battle League to get an Umbreon encounter, while winning seven more Trainer Battles will get them an encounter with Galarian Yamask.

Accomplishing said Timed Research will award them 15 Yamask Candies, 15 Sableye Candies, and 15 Scraggy Candies.

How to Accomplish the Creepy Companions Field Research

On the other hand, the Creepy Companions Field Research lets Trainers catch and collect Pokemon while progressing in the game.

In order to accomplish this, according to HITC, they must first catch nine wild Pokemon, which they will receive an encounter with both Gothita and Drowzee.

Then, they must catch five Ghost-type Pokemon in order to get an encounter with both Halloween Mischief Pikachu and Halloween Mischief Piplup, while catching fifteen more Ghost-type Pokemon will get them an encounter with Halloween Mischief Drifblim, and catching twenty five more will get them an encounter with Galarian Yamask.

While catching said Pokemon, they will make three Curveball throws, which will award them an encounter with Spinarak.

Then, they will send three Gifts to their in-game friends in order to award them an encounter with both Zubat and Woobat.

Next, they will spin three PokeStops or gyms to award them another encounter with Spinarak, while spinning either both of them seven more times will award them Rare Candies.

How to Accomplish the What Lies Beneath the Mask Special Research

Finally, the first part of Pokemon Go's Halloween Event brings in an event-exclusive What Lies Beneath the Mask Special Research Story. According to CNet, the said Special Research will focus on the Ghost-type Pokemon Yamask.

There are four stages in this Special Research, each of them has three sub-tasks that Trainers need to accomplish.

For the First Stage, they must catch 40 Ghost-type Pokemon, transfer 9 other Pokemon that they own, and make 49 Nice throws. Once they accomplish these tasks, they will be rewarded with a Yamask encounter, 4,000 XP, and nine Nanab Berries.

For the Second Stage, they must catch 40 more Ghost-type Pokemon while using 49 Berries to lure them, and making 9 Curveball throws. Accomplishing all of these three will reward them with an encounter with an Galarian Yamask, 4,000 XP, and nine Razz Beries.

For the Third Stage, they must catch 40 more Ghost-type Pokemon and 9 more Pokemon of the same type, but with different species, while making 49 Great throws. Clearing these tasks will reward them another encounter with Galarian Yamask, 4,000 XP, and 9 Pinap Berries.

Once the cleared all of these tasks, they will be rewarded with 13 Yamask Candies and 4,900 Stardusts. Aside from that they will also receive wide range of rewards such as Poke Balls, XP, and encounters with Banette, Duskull and Alolan Marowak.

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