'Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game' Rebel Transport Expansion Pack Available Now- Absolutely Massive and Awesome

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 30, 2014 12:22 PM EDT

Fantasy Flight Games acquired the Star Wars license last year and immediately set out to make some of the best tabletop games possible with them. Star Wars: The Card Game offered fantastic two-player battles of the light and dark sides, the Star Wars Roleplaying Games (Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion) offered up a brand new way of getting immersed in the universe with a unique custom dice system, and the X-Wing Miniatures Game offered scale models of some of the most iconic ships from the films. They started off with a basic starter set that comes with two TIE Fighters and an X-Wing and have been steadily offering up new ships to add to your fleet, everything from B-Wings and Y-Wings to the Millennium Falcon and Lambda-class Shuttle. But now the GR-75 Rebel Transport Expansion Pack is available, and the Rebellion has a whole new way to play.

This GR-75 Transport ship is too large for Standard Play format, so instead it's intended to be used in Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats. It's not to scale like the rest of the ships (which are all 1/270) because it simply wouldn't fit on your table it if did.

The ship is most famous for helping the rebels escape from Hoth. Since it's a transport ship whose main purpose was to shuttle supplies and troops, it doesn't have a primary weapon. How does that work in a dogfighting game? Well the GR-75 Rebel Transport comes with new rules for energy, which allow you to give extra actions to friendly ships, stress enemy starships, and boost its shields. It's so large that the ship comes with a new maneuver template that shows how the vehicle will fly through space. 

Now, this beauty doesn't come cheap. It costs $59.99 by itself and of course has to be paired up with other ships. Fortunately the pack comes with an X-Wing miniature with an alternate paint scheme, tons of new ship cards, upgrades and missions. Just imagine the fights you can get into with this- watching the Empire trying to take down a the Transport while you try to defend it. Note that the rebels will also be getting the Corellian CR90 in the upcoming Tantive IV Expansion Pack, which looks even bigger!

Check out all the Rebel Transport expansion pack has to offer in the image below and head to Fantasy Flight's official site for more details on this and their other Star Wars games.

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