Titanfall Designer Offers Winning Strategies for Angel City Map [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 01, 2014 02:50 PM EDT

With Titanfall being a multiplayer dominated game, getting one up on the competition is always advisable, and developer Respawn has provided a video featuring some tricks and tips from the game's designer, Geoff Smith.

As it stands now, there are ten maps for gamers to wreck in their eponymous mechs, but Smith focuses on the once idyllic harbor district of Angel City, full of paved asphalt for titan-on-titan combat, or nearby building tops for crack shot snipers.

Even if you're without your monolithic prosthesis, you're not at a complete disadvantage. Notes Smith, "The tights streets and buildings offer some of the best wallrunning opportunities for pilots. Picking the right line can allow you to traverse the entire map without ever touching the ground. Using the centre spire effectively is one of the key ways to navigate the map from any direction."

If wallrunning across the lower levels of the skyline isn't your style, go vertical, especially if sniping's your game. Two points on the map offer the best view above all others: "The roof above Tiffany's coffeeshop and the pillar atop the Red Star seafood restaurant are exceptionally good," says Smith.

So that's how to stay alive when you're without your mech. But once you're in? "Use the narrow streets to your advantage. Corners and alleys allow you to bottleneck your opponents, or, pin an enemy tight.
If you do get overwhelmed, escape into the park, or along the docks. Both spaces are more open, and allow you to flank your enemies."

Smith even had tips for players wwith a preference for the dramatic - "If you're playing hard point, and really want to get the drop on your enemies, bring your titan in through the skylight at point C. It's a tricky move, but it'll surely get your enemies' attention."

Check out all the strategies in the video below:

With at least three "Drop Pod" pieces of DLC promised, like the Expedition DLC pack out later this month which adds three additional maps; Runoff, Swamplands, and War Games, expect more videos down the line.

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