'The Flash' CW: First Full Trailer Released For Lightning-Paced DC Superhero Show [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 15, 2014 04:20 PM EDT

Extending its use of the DC Comics universe beyond Arrow, The CW has released the first full trailer for its upcoming The Flash-- a new show based on the lightning-fast superhero.

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Arrow is an enjoyable (if campy) take on superhero Green Arrow, and a teaser for The Flash aired last night after Arrow's season two finale. Today, The CW followed that up with the extended trailer, which offers more than five minutes of footage.

In it, we're shown a good amount of the origin story--though it's unclear how much of this will be covered in the show. Some of it may just be background for the trailer or intro to the show rather than clips from episodes, and I expect it will start when Barry Adams awakens from his coma.

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The trailer shows that he was struck by some mysterious lightning, and wakes up stronger than before, with powers that include The Flash's trademark super speed. There's some connection to the death of his mother, who was killed in similar circumstances to the event that gave Adams his powers, but it looks like that's a mystery that will unravel over the course of the show.

It looks like The CW is using a similar, proven method it developed in the creation of Arrow for The Flash. It's aesthetically similar, features many attractive actors and actresses, and shares some themes with Oliver Queen's story (though that could be a complaint leveraged against superhero fiction in general).

If you haven't watched Arrow, I would recommend it. It's often melodramatic, and I genuinely roll my eyes at certain scenes, but always want to keep watching regardless--mostly because it's just entertaining. The Flash looks like it may follow closely along the same lines, but I'll reserve judgment since we only have a trailer to go on, and the series may very well find its own way.

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