'Transistor' Launch Trailer: Gorgeous Footage Shows Off Art & Story Ahead Of Next Week's Release [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 16, 2014 01:18 PM EDT

Developer Supergiant Games has released the official launch trailer for Transistor ahead of its release on PlayStation 4 and PC next week.

Developers Reveal Transistor's New Game Plus Mode 'Recursion'

The gorgeous trailer features a mix of artwork and gameplay, with narration that gives us the first real glimpse of the action-adventure game's story. Supergiant made a name for itself with indie darling Bastion, and Transistor looks to be following up on many of the same elements that made the developer's last title great.

Those elements, in addition to the overhead isometric view, omnipresent narrator, and attractive art style, include fantastic original music. One such song is present in the trailer, played under the narration and giving this title an eerie, dramatic edge. The voiceover hints at some ominous events, but the plot at large still remains a mystery.

Transistor Now Available for Pre-Order Including The Official Soundtrack

Despite Bastion's launch on Xbox 360's Arcade, Transistor is currently not planned for an Xbox One release. The title will only be available on Sony's new console and PC, and could remain that way permanently as far as we know right now.

The title is perhaps sticking a bit too closely to what made Bastion great, keeping the same narrator technique and general gameplay, but you can't blame a studio (especially an indie developer) for sticking with what its strengths.

Maybe in the future we'll see more of a departure in genre and style from Supergiant Games, but for now we can be excited about what is hopefully another excellent title. Transistor is available for pre-order right now on PC and PS4 for $14.99, along with the game's original soundtrack, and will be released on Tuesday, May 20.

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