'Transistor' Release Date Is Here, Listen To The Full Version Of Awesome Song 'We All Become'

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 20, 2014 01:10 PM EDT

Transistor is now available to download on PlayStation Network and Steam from Supergiant Games.

Gorgeous Launch Trailer For Transistor Revealed

The follow-up to indie hit Bastion is a new property that shares fundamental similarities to the studio's first game, such as an isometric view, a highly-stylized look, and great original music.

The song from Transistor's reveal trailer, We All Become, captured the attention of most viewers, but that had been the only place you could find the song. You can now listen to the full version below, posted online by Supergiant via the PlayStation Blog.

Transistor's 'Recursion' Mode Detailed, Gives You A Reason To Play Again

Both the music and narration played a major part in making Bastion stand out, and the same is true for Transistor. Though you're aware the developers are using the same techniques, the appealing and eerie world of Transistor draws you in nearly immediately and makes you forget that these are mechanics employed before. The combat is different and deeper than Bastion's, and though the comparisons seem obvious before you play the title yourself, Transistor's world and gameplay seem almost entirely separate after just a few minutes.

I've only had a chance to play a handful of hours so far, but the game is extremely attractive and appealing. The soft glow aesthetic combined with the very well-fitting music and sound is a major draw, but the gameplay is deep and rewarding as well.

These are just my brief initial impressions--look for a more in-depth write-up from us soon. Enjoy the original song from the soundtrack (also available for purchase) embedded below.

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