'Star Wars: Episode 7' Cast: Win A Chance To Appear in JJ Abrams' New Movie [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated May 21, 2014 10:01 AM EDT

At one point in our lives, everyone of us, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. US., has picked up a branch or other object and swung it around making the lightsaber noises like and pretended we were in Star Wars. Today, Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams is hoping to make that childhood fantasy a reality for one lucky fan.

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Abrams has announced the Star Wars: Force for Change initiative, a collaboration between Abrams' own Bad Robot, Disney and Lucasfilm to address and find creative solutions to some of the world's biggest and most pressing problems. The first of many campaigns will help raise awareness and funds for the UNICEF (United Nation's Children's Fund) Innovation Labs, whose goal is aiding the world's most vulnerable children.

Disney has already pledged $1 million to the initiative. From 12:01AM PST today, May 21 until 11:59PM PST on July 18, fans around the world can make a donation to the cause at Omaze.com/StarWars, not just because it's a noble endeavor, but also because every $10 contribution made through the fundraiser enters you into a once-in-a-lifetime chance to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII. And you don't even have to be a boy band J.J. Abrams' kids really like.

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The whole package includes the following, per the press release:
Airfare and accommodations to London for one winner and a guest
Behind-the-scenes access on the closed set of Star Wars: Episode VII as VIP guests of J.J. Abrams
Winner will have the opportunity to meet members of the cast (and what a cast it is!)
Winner and their guest will then be transformed by makeup and costume teams into a Star Wars character and filmed for a scene in Star Wars: Episode VII

"The Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate and committed folks around the globe," says director J.J. Abrams. "We're thrilled to offer a chance to come behind the scenes as our VIP guests and be in Star Wars: Episode VII. We're even more excited that by participating in this campaign, Star Wars fans will be helping children around the world through our collaboration with UNICEF Innovation Labs and projects."

The heart of Star Wars has always been the belief that good can truly conquer evil, or to put it more thoughtfully: 'Only a small, dedicated group of people can change the world. Indeed, they are the only ones who have.' With arguably the world's most popular brand behind it, UNICEF will be able to help make that philosophy a reality.

Star Wars: Episode VII is released galaxy wide on December 18, 2015. No longer do you need a stick to be a Jedi. Enter the contest for your chance to be a part of the real thing! Visit the Force For Change site, and watch the video below.

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