'World of Tanks' Competitor 'Tanki Online' Releases The Mammoth: Toughest, Most Superior Tank To Date

By Steve Buja , Updated May 22, 2014 08:22 AM EDT

Did you know that there is another MMO tank game out there? Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. Tanki, created in 2009 by AlternativaPlatform, is a Flashed based massive multiplayer game and according to its own website, has over 42 million, with a M, players registered. But it's a big internet out there and there is room enough for any and all versions of the same idea.

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The developers of Tanki are very excited to release one of the strongest tank hulls to date, The Mammoth, which just sounds intimidating. According to the press release:

'The Mammoth is the heaviest hull in Tanki Online which makes it a behemoth on the battlefield! This hull is endowed with so much armour and HP that players will need more than one tank to bring it down, making an organised attack the best policy when confronted with this hulk of a hull.'

'The sheer mass and power of The Mammoth allows equipped players to basically ignore other tanks and concentrate on refining their shot aim. The only drawback is its speed and manoeuvrability which make this hull a good option for defence rather than front-line skirmishes. Fun fact: The size of this hull is actually scaled to that of a real Mammoth!'

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Unsure if they mean an actual prehistoric mammoth, which are huuuuge, or perhaps a mammoth tank from Command & Conquer, which as we all know is a documentary about real life.

Tanki is a free-to-play Flash game that you can play right now, in your browser, no download necessary. Get your tank on at tankionline.com, and watch the gameplay trailer below:

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