'Dead Trigger 2' News: European Parliament Elections Be Damned, Madfinger Holding Its Own Zombie Elections [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 23, 2014 03:20 PM EDT

In case you're not up on world politics, elections for the European Parliament are currently underway, and the Czech based Dead Trigger developer Madfinger Games is having a bit of fun with it.

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Based on my lazy and limited research, fewer and fewer voters are turning out for the EP elections. But why, because of a democratic deficit? NO. Because of a major ZOMBIE deficit. Never mind that they face a serious brain shortage, the undead are tired of always being bashed and shot. After all, if the French get a say, then so too should the shambling masses, yearning to scarf grey matter.

To that theme, the developer is hosting its own zombie elections, featuring the "boss" zombies of its free-to-play shooter: the armored Panzer, spewing Vomitron, musclebound Rager, bursting Kamikaze, and radioactive Scientist.

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"Wake up humans! It´s time to change history," read Madfinger's call to ballot action. "European elections are approaching and there are lot of zombie parties. We offer you better candidate selection on Dead Trigger 2." The developer is asking players to not only vote, but also spread the word of their favorite undead candidate by downloading posters, and spreading them about town.

As you'll see at the game's official Facebook page, the guerrilla politicking has already begun, and posters are already appearing the wilds of Europe, and there's even a brief video on it. You can cast your vote and download the posters at Mad Finger's Dead Trigger 2 website here. So far, the Rager is in the lead with a whopping 41 percent of the vote, followed closely by the Panzer and Scientist, followed by the Kamikaze and Vomitron. Interesting, as the Rager clearly isn't the choice Madfinger had expected, evidenced by the video the developer created just for this goofy promotion. Check it out below.

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