'Minecraft' Final Fantasy Mod: Fan Makes Ultimate Griefer, Sin From 'FFX'

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 27, 2014 12:33 AM EDT

As long as Minecraft has been around, players have been recreating all manner of things. Some impressive, others? Not so much. This recreation of Final Fantasy X's big bad leviathan definitely falls into the former camp.

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Pixel art in Mojang's building sim is no longer as impressive as it once was. "Go big or go home" is the name of the game, and this creation of the leviathan Sin from Final Fantasy X epitomizes that in spades, and all set to what's widely considered as the game's official theme, "To Zanarkand," written by longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. Given the monster's appetite for destruction coupled with its fearsome size, I feel that "Otherworld" as sung by xtillidiex's Bill Muir would've been a bit more appropriate, but that's just me.

The original Sin in FFX was large enough for players to walk across, and even housed a small city. That much has faithfully reproduced in Minecraft. Hell, I'll bet that Jecht is wandering around in the belly somewhere, looking for something to quench his thirst. Check out the video below for a peek.

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The creature's enormous size had a twofold effect. First, it was all sorts of intimidating, and second, it worked as a reflection of real world disasters, and how people react to them, said Game Director Yoshinori Kitase.

Like it? It's up for grabs from Planet Minecraft if you'd like to admire it on your own time.

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