'War of Tribes: Stone Age' iOS Game Delivers Mash-Up Gameplay Experience, Prehistoric Violence [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated May 27, 2014 10:14 AM EDT

Developer ZQGame Inc has just released their second major game of 2014, following on the heels of their iOS card game Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard, the wonderfully mashed-up title War of Tribes: Stone Age, a strategy tower defense game that pits ancient warring tribes against themselves, dinosaurs and magic because this is what I've always wanted in a game.

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War of Tribes: Stone Age is, according to ZQGame: "Set in the Beast Lands where dinosaurs, humans, and magic co-exist, players assume the role as Village Chief to build and defend their tribal empire. With a carefully interwoven mashing of genres, War of Tribes combines strategic village hut-building with elements of an RPG and tower defense modes to create a fun and zany twist on prehistoric jungle mania!" It is essentially a very intriguing mash up that is bound to pique some curiosity. I'm downloading it right now!

If you're like me, and obviously you want to be, you are a huge fan of the tower defense genre. You can't quite place your finger on it, but there is something addictive about the very concept, it's the thinking of a Civilization but without the impatience (never could get into turned based stuff) and the mania of Starcraft without having to deal with a huge map.

 "War of Tribes pushes the boundaries of the strategy genre, really embracing our initiative to publish games that provide a unique spin to how players are immersed and challenged in any one game," said Zoe Chen, Product Manager for ZQGame. "War of Tribes crafts together game elements that gives comfort in familiarity for the casual and mid-core gamer while providing a deeper game experience any hardcore gamer can appreciate."

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Nor does it contain simply just a single-player or multi-player battle mode. War of Tribes: Stone Age also offers an Alliance builder, described as, "...join like-minded village chiefs to conquer opposing alliances while protecting each other's territory. Raid villages and take complete control of temples and other massive constructs for bigger and better Alliance payoffs." Many an hour will be lost to this game, I guarantee you.

If this all sounds like something you might be interested in, and it should be, the game is available for all iOS devices for the low price of $1.99.

Watch the trailer below! Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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