'Battlefield 5' Hackers Discover New Title 'Battlefield Hardline', New Weapons, Modes, Screenshots

By Steve Buja , Updated May 27, 2014 01:12 PM EDT

The internet is abuzz today with rumors, leaked images and hacked information regarding Battlefield 5, that latest entry into the well-worn war franchise. The biggest piece to be gleaned amongst all the disparate reports is that the title is going to be Battlefield Hardline, which will bring the game's focus to a more urban, SWAT team setting than the large, sprawling military campaigns that have made the series famous.

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Information like this comes fast and loose and the truth can be quickly swallowed up by the well wishing of fans or, like in the Fallout 4 debacle last week, bored trolls out looking for a laugh. Gameranx reports that Battlefield fans, scouring the code of the game's site, Battlelog, stumbled across a link to a site http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh (edited), and further hunting led to the game's logo, team emblems and a bevy of weapons, accessories, weapon and vehicle icons. The code hunters also uncovered the Visceral logo, which goes a long way to confirm that the game is being developed by the EA owned company that created the Dead Space series. If you need small, intimate combat, you've come to the right place.

Also hidden amongst the code are four unit types, Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional. No one is quite sure what those would relate to, as Gameranx reminds us, they're generic enough to fit into really any model of gameplay.

Two new game modes called 'Blood Money' and 'Heist' will be added to the game. Given that the teams are divided into, essentially, cops and robbers, the Heist mode is probably a robbery scenario that pits both sides into trying to outmaneuver the other; the robbers have to get away, the cops have to stop him. Sounds like it'd be fun. I kinda hope that's how it is.

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By the way things have progressed, it's surprising that the intrepid hackers haven't discovered a playable version of the game. There has been no official word from either Visceral or EA about anything related to Battlefield 5, but it strongly looks like they are prepping for an E3 presentation in a few weeks. There's not a bigger stage to present one the next entry in one of the biggest franchises of the modern era.

You can follow along with live updates here as the story progresses.

Given the speed at which this has gained just today, expect an official announcement from EA soon. They are losing thunder each and every minute they keep quiet on this.

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