'Watch Dogs' Cheats & Walkthroughs: ctOS Tower Locations [VIDEO] [MAPS]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 27, 2014 08:58 PM EDT

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is out today, meaning that players now have to all of Chicago to look through for missions, contracts, and gang hideouts to complete, songs and skills to unlock, burner phones to collect, and God only knows what else. With so much to do, completing every last challenge will no doubt be quite the task, so we're here to help. Today, we'll show you the locations of all thirteen ctOS towers.


Before you can actually unlock the towers, you'll have to hack ctOS systems first. Luckily, they're always marked on you map, and you have the option of doing them during free roam, or some they'll be a requirement of certain missions. Once the system is hacked, you're free to access the tower.

Each tower is found atop a roof, so do your best to keep your vertigo in check and your palms dry. There's 13 in all, scattered all over Chicago. In addition to unlocking the "Clear Signals" achievement/trophy, activating the towers also reveals collectibles and more fast travel points, making them a great thing to do early in the game to give you a head start.

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We have maps from two different perspectives to help you narrow down the location of each tower, but after that, you'll have to explore a tad. The towers can be found in Parker Square, Mad Mile, The Loop, Brandon Docks, and The Wards.

Parker Square
ctOS Tower 1

ctOS Tower 2

Mad Mile
ctOS Tower 3

ctOS Tower 4

ctOS Tower 5

The Loop
ctOS Tower 6

ctOS Tower 7

ctOS Tower 8

Brandon Docks
ctOS Tower 9

ctOS Tower 10

ctOS Tower 11

The Wards
ctOS Tower 12

ctOS Tower 13

If these maps aren't cuttin' it, then consult the video at the bottom, which comes courtesy of Powerpyx.

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