'Battlefield Hardline' Confirmed, Official Reveal Set For E3 2014, What We Know So Far [VIDEOS, LEAKS]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 28, 2014 12:26 PM EDT

Following yesterday's discovery of Battlefield Hardline, publisher EA has come to terms with the early reveal, and is offering some solid information on the next game in the long running Battlefield series.

Hackers Discover New Title - Battlefield Hardline

The official site is up, promising an official unveiling during EA's E3 press conference, June 9th, 12:00 PM PDT / 3:00 PM EST.

Much to EA's chagrin, a trailer also surfaced, spilling the beans on the game's campaign and customization options. While the publisher is making sure to try and get as many of the videos as possible pulled, thy might as well be trying to get pee out of a swimming pool, as the videos still keep popping up. We've embedded a a few snippets of the trailer here, but don't count on them being up for long. If it gets pulled, drop us a line in the comments and we'll find another version. But in case it's currently MIA, here's what we've learned from the footage.

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It looks like Hardline was going by the codename "Omaha," and the campaign centers around a Miami detective named Nick Mendoza, "who gets caught up in his own personal struggle between right and wrong, cop and criminal. Nick embarks on a cross-country quest, seeking revenge against his once trusted partners on the force. Surrounding Nick is a rogue gallery of crooked cops and colorful criminals, from chatterbox coke dealers to deranged billionaires. The campaign draws influence from popular television cop dramas, with each level structured like an episode, cliffhangers and all." To reproduce that vibe, it's being reported that the campaign mode has been written by staff from "Justified" and "House of Cards."

With a detective playing the role of main character, it looks like most of the heavy duty military weapons won't be around, but players will still have their share of toys. Weapons include the usual array of police armaments like tazers, pistols, sawn-off shotguns, and even a few gadgets to aid Nick in his 9 to 5 gumshoe job, like a police-scanner device that reveals clues. New guns can be purchased by earning money for various tasks, like bringing in wanted criminals.

At least four different multiplayer modes have also been revealed:

Heist Mode - one team playing as criminals are tasked with robbing a bank, while another team playing as cops obviously has to stop them.
Rescue Mode - SWAT players have to rescue hostages taken during a robbery.
Hotwire Mode - cops pursue the robbers in a high speed chase. Players not driving the getaway vehicle are able to open fire on the cops in pursuit.
Bloodmoney Mode - criminals and crooked cops fight over a huge pile of cash to take back to their safehouse. Sounds similar to the 'ol Capture the Flag mode.

It's not much, but it's something. If anything else spills out between now and E3, we'll keep you posted. In the mean time, check out the footage in the clips below.

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