'Watch Dogs' News: Game's Launch Celebrated With New Content & Odd Photoshoot Featuring Female Aiden Pearce [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 28, 2014 04:03 PM EDT

Watch Dogs dropped this week to a load of anticipation and as a result the game's developer is in a celebratory mood, and they're not alone.

Pricey $1200 Leather Jacket From Watch Dogs Goes Up For Sale

First, Ubisoft has injected Watch Dogs themed content into the free-to-play The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. The content, seen above, consists of branded weapons, clothing, and bandanas. Players can find the items in-game, or through a purchasable pack offering the whole collection.

In addition to the items, Ubisoft has also introduced a new level 12 Watch Dogs castle in Bling's Landing. There, players can test their hacking and looting skills. The content and castle will be available until the first of July.

Here Are Some Maps For All the Locations of Watch Dogs' ctOS Towers

While Ubisoft is celebrating the game's release by offering themed content to some of its other properties, Polish video game retailer Gram.pl decided to go a completely different route, sending in model Iga Górecka to play the role of Watch Dogs' Aiden Pearce, in what amounts to a "Look at me, guys! Over here!" moment from the retailer.

Notes a press release, "When creating the Watch Dogs photo session, the Gram.pl company has changed the gender of the main character, which is why the photos feature our model, Iga Górecka. In order to preserve the game's atmosphere, the model is wearing an outfit inspired by the costume of Aiden Pearce, also carrying the hacker's smartphone and a gun."

Funny, I never thought you could hack an entire city with a Samsung. Maybe Warsaw isn't up to the same standards as Chicago.

Puns aside, you can check out the entire gallery of Iga as Aiden on Facebook or Gram's website. There's also a behind the scenes video which you can check out below. Just make sure you turn on the captions if you want a prayer of understanding what they're all babbling about.

Watch Dogs is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox One. Xbox 360, and Windows PC. The game is expected to also release on the Wii U. Check out our review of the game right here.

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