'Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics' Turn-Based Strategy Free To Play Game Launches On Facebook

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 05, 2014 10:07 AM EDT

If you run in the same circles as me, and it's a fair bet you do, you probably find yourself going 'You know what I need? More Avengers and comics related stuff on my Facebook feed.' Well fret not, true believers, Disney and Facebook have teamed up and have brought you Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics, a new free to play 3D turn-based action strategy game to Facebook.

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The game is a sequel to the popular Marvel Avengers Alliance and currently brings about 20 heroes to the table, though Disney plans to release new content, heroes and villains, on a regular basis. The game took inspiration from several well known strategic turn based role playing games, specifically the XCOM series, Disney exec Gabe Brown told Gamespot in an interview. "Our team are inspired by a lot of classic Tactics games throughout history. XCOM, Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Jagged Alliance to name just a few. It's really exciting for us as a team to bring these classic games we played growing up to life..."

Facebook itself is also quite excited about the release. The original game already has players numbering in the millions and Facebook itself is always looking for more content. Facebook Games AJ Glasser says, "We're excited to have a strategy role-playing game come to Facebook, since we haven't seen much of this genre so far. In SRPGs, there's an Intimacy with individual units on the battlefield and a level of detail that you don't get in most of the asynchronous turn-based strategy games currently on Facebook and mobile. Tapping into that move-by-move battle planning is a great match for the Facebook platform." With all the time I spend on Facebook shamelessly promoting my work, having another, non-work related excuse is definitely something I would be interested in.

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Glasser also points out that a full 30% of the available heroes are women, even the enemy body types have both male and female models. "This is pretty rare for what is typically a 'hardcore' male-dominated genre. And personally, I'm excited to have my favorite character, She-Hulk, as one of the first characters you can unlock."

You can play Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics right now, right here, for free. All you need is your Facebook log in. It's a piece of cake to sign up and you'll be recruiting heroes and battling the forces that threaten earth in no time. Yes, it's a Facebook game, but I guarantee there will be absolutely no candy in need of crushing.

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