'Final Fantasy XIV' Patch 2.28 Update Goes Live With New Weapons, New Abilities, Big Changes Planned For E3 Event Next Week

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 05, 2014 01:17 PM EDT

Square Enix and Sony have released patch 2.28 for their MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While not a major content patch, 2.28 will bring new refinements, weapons and better gameplay mechanics to every one of the over 2 million adventurers through the ravaged world of Eorzea.

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Square Enix released the announcement today via the PlayStation blog and let everybody know that the developers of the revamped FF XIV were not sitting idly by and "twiddling their thumbs". Among the host of new and adjusted features, patch 2.28 includes:

Weapon Repair - during raids in FF XIV, or any MMO really, there comes a point when everybody's gear is just flat our broken. This is usually towards the end of the dungeon, when everyone is tired and frazzled and lord knows we've all seen many raid groups fall apart because players scatter like rats as soon as they leave the encounter. Well, no more! The developers are allowing players of the "appropriately leveled crafting class, you'll be able to repair equipment without changing your class. And not only can you repair it, you can do so masterfully - up to a maximum 199% durability - making sure it won't break again anytime soon!"

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Sightseeing Log - players can now record the epic vistas they may encounter during their time exploring the Eorzea. MMOs have come a long way and some of the fondest moments can be when a particular area just takes your breath away. Players will have to work hard to find the vista points, but will be rewarded with some stunningly rendered views.

Most importantly, the Saga of the Zodiac, the quest chains that allow players to access greater and greater weapons, has been expanded to now include Novus weapons, the next evolutionary step along the chain. The Novus weapons will allow for the customization of stats, which is basically an MMO gamers cocaine high.

The full list of all the updates can be found at the official FF XIV site. Patch 2.28 is laying the groundwork for the upcoming Patch 2.3, Defenders of Eorzea, which will bring new fights and dungeons, among many other things, to the game soon. Square will be talking FF XIV and all their other titles next week at E3. Stick around with GameNGuide and learn all about it.

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