'Godfire: Rise of Prometheus' Trailer, Release Date Announced At E3 2014, iOS Game Will Push Your Phone To The Limit [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 11, 2014 12:25 PM EDT

Vivid Games, the studio behind the award-winning Real Boxing, revealed today at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles a slew of new and exciting information regarding the launch of their next-gen action-adventure mobile game, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. Action aficionados yearning for something akin to God of War on your phone, rejoice! your prayers may have just been answered.

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The studio launched an epic, blood soaked trailer to coincide with the reveal of the game's release date, which is set for June 19. That's one week away before you too can start decimating the forces of the Gods themselves. The game will launch exclusively for Apple devices as a Premium title. An Android release will launch later this year.

Utilizing the Unreal engine, Godfire follows Prometheus who, having stolen the Godfire Spark in a bid to share its power with all of mankind must battle his way through a world where myth meets technology, with hordes of enemies and giant mythical creatures looking to end him at every corner.

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In addition to just the standard edition available for download, Vivid will also be launching the Titan Edition, a veritable gift from the gods, manna from heaven! Packaged inside a special collector's box will come a highly detailed 8.7 inch / 22 cm figurine of Prometheus himself, 100-page hardcover art book showcasing the game's unique design, a high-quality Godfire t-shirt, and a redeemable voucher code for the game. The Titan Edition will be available for purchase via the game's official website and shipped worldwide.

I would like to remind you that yes, this is still a mobile game.

Watch the release date trailer below, but be sure to check out the gameplay trailer here. An Infinity Blade imitator this is not. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is going to push your phone to its absolute limit and I'm guessing you're going to love every minute of it.

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