'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date: E3 2014 Teaser Trailer Is Actually Game's Intro [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 11, 2014 08:06 PM EDT

Nothing against Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX, but let's be frank for a moment. People would rather hear about the next title in the series, as opposed to a collection of games they've played before, even with a glossy HD finish. The developers at Square Enix know this, and were content to only tease Kingdom Hearts III during this year's E3, and nothing more.

The Upcoming Addition to the Disney Square-Enix Mash Up Series, Kingdom Hearts III, Gets a New Trailer

Squenix hid the brief teaser at the very, literally, the VERY end of a trailer to show off the new visuals for the upcoming collection. It's nothing dramatic, just on screen text with a japanese voice over muttering about an age old keyblade war, lost masters, and why Donald Duck wears a shirt, but no pants. Ok, not so much about the last bit, but after all this teasing, that's a question I'd much rather have answered. But, I suppose that's why they call it a "teaser." Which is odd, because this is apparently the intro.

That's according to the game's co-director Tai Yasue, who recently confirmed as much with Kotaku. "That's the starting scene for Kingdom Hearts III, actually," he said. But beyond that, Yasue couldn't reveal much more. Only that the game's "technology is totally different, and creatively it's moving at leaps and bounds," and that while "Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is gorgeous, I think...Kingdom Hearts III is pure magic."

Kingdom Hearts III Fact Sheet Light on Context

Story wise, the game's Director, Tetsuya Nomura, has previously said that Kingdom Hearts III's story will begin where Nintendo 3DS exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance concludes. Cinematics from 3D will be included in 2.5 ReMIX, so players can get up to speed.

"It's the final episode in the 'Dark Seeker' saga that ban with the original KH and it'll depict the final battle with Xehanort," said Nomura.

Considering that Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to be the series first new home console release since 2006's Playstation 2 exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3, special care has been given to make the game appealing for next-gen according to Nomura.

This will be the first game in the Kingdom Hearts series to hit a Microsoft system. It's next-gen exclusive, so if you hope to play the game that concludes the saga, better make sure you grab an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

You can snag a look at the teaser / intro below. Not that it's a chore to sit through, but if you'd rather get right to it, skip ahead to the 2:32 mark.

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