'World of Tanks' Update 9.1 Now Available In Europe, North America Will See Stunning New Graphics, Content Soon [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 13, 2014 12:58 PM EDT

The latest update to massively popular World of Tanks is slowly rolling out across all servers. The European markets received Patch 9.1 yesterday, Asian markets are getting it today and like a lumbering, huge, slow but lovable child, North American tank commanders will be receiving it next week on June 17.

World of Tanks Patch 9.1 Notes

Patch 9.1 adds a whole host of new features, including stunning physical shading, HD graphics and more. Two new historical battles, Bryansk Forest and Tobruk have been added and a brand new new winter map, Kharkiv, giving players the opportunity to relive even more historical tank encounters. With the addition of new in-game awards, players can now earn achievements specifically for SPG and Team Battles by completing special feats in World of Tanks.

The biggest new addition, however, is the inclusion of the World of Tanks World Football Championship mode, which pits players in a 3 on 3 7-min epic football (soccer?) battle on a tweaked version of popular Himmelsdorf map. The new game mode is available for a limited only during the FIFA World Cup currently happening in Brazil.

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Update 9.1 also features in-game improvements to many iconic maps including Arctic Region, Tundra, Komarin, Windstorm, and Northwest. New displays of distinctive marks have been added for damage caused to vehicles depending on nation and vehicle armament. Balance improvements have been made for a number of Tier IV-VII light tanks including the VK 28.01, M4 Sherman, A-20, MT-25 and certain Tank Destroyers.

The game's publisher Wargaming had a great E3 this year. They brought tanks! Plural. The 9.1 patch is sure to bring even more gamers to the fold and reinvigorate the core base of gamers. You can play World of Tanks right here, right now, for free.

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