'Batman Arkham Knight' Rumors: Game To Have Green Arrow Cameo Voiced By 'Arrow' Star? [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 18, 2014 09:04 AM EDT

Here's an interesting rumor. There's speculation that the emerald archer himself is set to either make a debut, or possibly a return, in one of a few upcoming games. The thought that it might be Batman: Arkham Knight is what has everyone talking.

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Earlier this week, actor and "Arrow" star Stephen Amell took doing a Q&A session at his Facebook page, and when asked about any upcoming projects, Amell responded that he was "I'm voicing Green Arrow for a popular video game franchise."

So, popular actor is reprising his role as a popular DC character, but neglects to mention for which game. Let's examine the possibilities, shall we?

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Arkham Knight has been making the rounds, and Amell's use of the word "franchise", which the Arkham games most certainly are, was more than enough to get that particular rumor started, but developer Rocksteady hasn't bothered to confirm or deny this particular rumor. It's also worth pointing out that we've heard this sort of thing before.

Back when Batman: Arkham Origins had just been announced, it was rumored that other members of the Justice League would feature in the game. But Origins came and went with no signs of Leaguers like the Flash, Supes, Wonder Woman, or others. Nor have they appeared in any other Arkham games.

The more likely of scenarios is that Amell is reprising his role as Green Arrow for the next Injustice, which was sneakily announced none too long ago, or possibly LEGO Batman 3. Amell had voiced Green Arrow for the first Gods Among Us, so it stands to reason he would voice the character again. But again, Amell's use of the word "franchise" does seem to favor his referring to LEGO Batman 3. Green Arrow had appeared in the previous game, but didn't feature in the story, nor did he have a voice.

With no specific mention from Amell, or confirmation/denial from any developers or publishers, treat Amell's involvement in any of the aforementioned games as nothing more than a rumor for now. As for Arkham Knight, expect the game to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2015. Longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy recently stated the game will launch this January.

You can check out a trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight from this year's E3 below, showing the first look at a redesigned, yet familiar looking Scarecrow.

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