'Resogun' DLC Release Date: Ship Editor, Local Co-op, Hall Of Fame And More Coming In Free Update

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jun 21, 2014 04:06 PM EDT

A free update for PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun will arrive tomorrow, bringing a bevy of new features and improvements to the popular title.

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The highlight feature of the update is a ship editor, which will allow you to create your own playable ships. The update will also bring local co-op, a much-requested feature, as well as more trophies and a hall of fame. Each feature is explained in greater detail on the PlayStation Blog, where the news was announced.

"Design your own ship from the ground up using a detailed voxel editor," XDEV Producer Ian Pickles said on the blog about the new ship editor. "Position the afterburners and weapons, set your own attributes to govern the ships agility, boost and overdrive, and choose either of the standard weapon sets for your ride.

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"But that's not all... what's a ship editor if you can't show off your custom rides? We went one step further and fully connected the editor online. Share and download ships from your friends, rivals and the community at large, and try out new ships to see what gives you the edge on the leaderboards."

Resogun has been offered as a free PSN title for PlayStation Plus subscribers since launch, meaning many of those who bought the console early own the side-scrolling shooter. The leaderboards will be wiped out due to a number of exploits that have been exposed, as the developers focused on ironing them out in this update. But they don't want the original high scores to be lost, which is where the Hall of Fame comes in.

"So with the huge amount of changes brought about by the editor and assignable attributes to ships, we've spent some time ironing out the main game and fixing some of the exploits where we could.

"With that in mind we're left with little option but to clear the leaderboards and start fresh alongside the release of this update. That being said, we didn't want players' superhuman efforts to be forgotten, so we've added a Hall of Fame Leaderboard to immortalize the original Resogun Heroes.

"All scores in the Main Hero difficulty leaderboard will be forever displayed here to show future generations the level of skill (and in some cases sneakiness) that was shown by our community in the early months of Resogun."

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