'Dragon Age Inquisition' Companions: Meet Dorian, The Redeemer, The Tevinter Mage [SCREENS]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jun 26, 2014 04:14 PM EDT

There are nine companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and EA is about to showcase each of them. Today focuses on Dorian, a cocky Tevinter with a flair for magic.

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It's already apparent that this is the guy you're going to love to hate. I mean, just look at him!

His bio confirms it- he's as cocky as he seems in pictures, and proud of it. I'm here to set things right," he's quoted as saying. "Also? To look dashing. That part's less difficult."

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It could be due to his upbringing. "Being from a proud bloodline of the Tevinter Imperium has its advantages: Dorian was born with a flair for magic that made him the envy of his peers. He is charming and confident, his wit as sharp as any blade, and if some suggest his manner cocky, it could be attributed to being a powerful mage in a land where mages rule. Indeed, Dorian would be the pride of his family-if he didn't oppose everything his homeland has come to stand for. He wears the labels of "pariah" and "outcast" proudly, knowing that views of the Imperium are unlikely to change until and unless someone of his ability stands up to make a difference."

The Tevinter Imperium is the oldest country in Thedas and the ruling elite are all masters of magic called magisters. They are a huge military power and have been at war with the Quanari for a very long time. They aren't some benevolent country, though, and they have their detractors in the country for some of their backwards laws and tendancies, of which Dorian is one. They have some really horrible practices in the country - it's still legal for people to own elvish and human slaves in Tevinter, in fact.

Dorian doesn't seem like the kind of person who would help his country's cause, but he does seem like he's going to try in his own way, regardless. More on Dragon Age: Inquisition's compations as we hear it!

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