'Batman: Arkham Origins' Action Figure Available, Pre-Order Fully Articulated Dark Knight Before San Diego Comic Con

By Steve Buja , Updated Jul 07, 2014 10:24 AM EDT

If you're a Batman fan, and of course you are, and you're heading to the San Diego Comic Con, then Square Enix has got a deal for you. The legendary games company is releasing a very limited edition Batman figure to promote the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight.

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The limited collectible shows off Bruce Wayne's new costume as the intrepid young vigilante is just starting out. Arkham Knight is the fourth entry into the franchise and will follow the Dark Knight at the top of his abilities as he attempts to bring down Scarecrow. "This limited color variant version, a 2014 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, incorporates Batman's iconic style with a metallic finish, heightening the contrast and drama of its design." Fans might call foul on the overstylization, but I quite like it. It's distinct, powerful; the kind of costume one does not want to see in a dark alley.

The figure has a wide range of articulation. "The chest area incorporates a flexible material, maintaining beautiful aesthetics and allowing for a wide range of motion." Even the cape is flexible, offering up many different ways to pose the Dark Knight into various action stances. Batman also comes with his iconic Batarang, and surprisingly, a gun. No idea if that gun is an actual slugthrower or something more along the lines of a grappling hook device.

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You must act fast. Only 1000 units are being created, and of those, only 500 are available for pre-order online. SDCC is the maddest of houses, with lines stretching far and wide for the smallest of items. Avoid the lines and order now, or roll the dice from July 24-27.

Limit 3 per person. Both online pre-orders and SDCC orders will not be shipped until after August 11. Batman: Arkham Knight hits shelves next year.

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