‘Warframe’ PS4 Players Plan Strike To Protest Micro-Transaction Fears Despite Update 14 Coming This Weekend

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 08, 2014 08:28 AM EDT

Classic game dev Digital Extremes, known for its work on Warframe and the Unreal series, is in the midst of a co-acquisition by Perfect World and Sumpo.

Warframe Coming To Xbox One

Perfect World is not a company that is very popular in gaming circles. I haven't had experience with many of its games firsthand, but Star Trek Online is definitely one MMO that turned from a subscription based game to a pay-to-win one. The short time I spent in Neverwinter seemed quite alright in terms of gameplay, but then I started noticing quest-givers that required that special kind of currency and, well... no thanks.

We'll be seeing a lot more of this, and not just in gaming. Pacific Rim 2 is mostly happening because of the good Chinese box office of the first one, and Transformers 4 (an official Chinese co-production!) literally turns into a Chinese movie with a couple of American actors in it halfway through. There was a "Chinese cut" of Iron Man 3 where the respectful Chinese doctor Tony meets at the party in the beginning of the movie gets a few walk-n-talk shots later.

Warframe Announced As PS4 Launch Title

Welcome to the future of your entertainment, chaps. Chinese titans Perfect World Inc and Sumpo Food are teaming up to buy Digital Extremes. Many PSU users are not happy, and have announced a several day strike. Join the chorus on reddit here. The digital screed reminds those that would join that it is fully cognizant of Update 14 dropping this Sunday, but protestors throughout history surely have had worse deprivations than that.

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