These FIFA 14 Glitches Would Make World Cup 2014's Final Germany Vs Argentina Match So Much Better [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 11, 2014 12:33 PM EDT

This World Cup has been exciting, dramatic, and entertaining, but it could really use an increase in invisible players.

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That and more are on display in the FIFA 14 glitch video below, some of which would really liven up the globe's most popular sporting event.

Never mind high-scoring upsets, comebacks, and 7-1 defeats of the tournament hosts and favorites, no--what we need is more players picking up the ball and running away, or disappearing goalkeepers. We had some biting sure, which is all well and good, but did anyone's face stretch across the length of the pitch during a match? And would he be banned for it?

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FIFA 14 games truly result in some strange occurrences, many of which aren't outright glitches but rather, the unrealistic results of the physics engine colliding with player input. Many attempts to provide "realistic" reactions when players run into one another result in an awkward pileup, which is all the more amusing for us as viewers.

During a match, some of this can certainly be frustrating. Goalkeepers in particular are susceptible, tripping over other players or knocking the ball into their own nets as they scramble to regain positioning. I've experienced some very annoying goalkeeper behavior, like watching a pass roll into the net instead of intercepting it, but sometimes you have to just laugh.

The World Cup has seen some incredible moments this year, along with some unbelievable ones (still looking at you, Suarez), but most are thankfully (or unfortunately?) not as absurd as those in the video--enjoy.

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