‘Doctor Who’ Series 8 Trailer: First Glimpse Of Scary Old School Doctor Peter Capaldi And Terrified Jenna-Louise Coleman [VIDEO]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 14, 2014 08:42 AM EDT

We finally get a proper look at the long-awaited return of the Doctor this August, as the BBC gives us a one minute trailer via their official YouTube channel.

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Fans have been clamoring first for the identity, then the look, and now the voice of the new Doctor ever since it was announced that the wonderful Matt Smith would be hanging up his fez after three seasons of (admittedly ever-diminishing) adventures in the flying, time-travelling police box known as the TARDIS. Okay, I'll admit his final specials were really good.

This one-minute trailer starts off with a Dalek voice intoning in its signature drone that "Life returns, life prevails" - two very un-Dalek sentiments indeed. The fact that this season promises/threatens Daleks AGAIN is somewhat tampered by that fact. What type of twist did showrunner Stephen Moffat find to justify yet another inclusion of the iconic villains? In other news, this season apparently does see the return of Madame Vastra. One hopes this automatically includes Jenny and Strax!

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A continuing franchise "going dark" has been a cliché ever since The Empire Strikes Back, but it seems quite welcome on Who, where the previous Doctor has been jolly and prankish in the face of certain doom. This change of pace could also enliven Jenna Louise Coleman's somewhat less than popular companion Clara who, after a convoluted and not entirely satisfying origin arc, settled into the role of simple bubbly girl sidekick who always got on perfectly with the Doctor. This trailer at least shows some conflict between them!

August 23, mark the timey-wime... oh no, we're not doing that anymore.

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