New Legend of Zelda 'Hyrule Warriors' Trailer Shows Off The Princess And The Wind Waker; Will The Gamecube Title Be Making More Of An Appearance?

By Steve Buja , Updated Jul 17, 2014 09:35 AM EDT

Tecmo Koei has updated its Hyrule Warriors site with a new Zelda video.

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The titular Princess is giggling all the way to the bank as she cuts a bloody swath through legions of rupee-filled enemies. Of particular note is her weapon of choice: the Wind Waker, the baton-like item that allowed Link to change the wind pattern from the Gamecube's stunningly excellent The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Many of the attacks displayed involve wind power. The princess even summons up a tornado that just collects bad guys. Keen listening fans will hear that several notes of the Wind Waker aria, the jumpy, instantly hummable tune from the game, plays when Zelda does something devastating.

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Last week, Hyrule Warriors saw several additions emerge from the Wii title Skyward Sword. Enemies, costumes, even an all new playable character. Twilight Princess is fully representing itself with the characters of Midna and Agitha. The Wind Waker is the only other 'modern' console Zelda adventure left, might we be seeing even more content stemming from that cel-shaded game?

We are less than a month away until the game's release in Japan on August 14. There is still at least one empty spot on the playable character roster to fill, and who knows if they will add any more. Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have been playing it like the world's most beautiful woman: they know we want to dance with them, but we'll have to content ourselves to watching what they put out there in the meantime.

Hyrule Warriors hits North America on September 26.

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