Agents Of SHIELD Gets A Warrior Princess; Lucy Lawless Joins Hit ABC Show; Marvel Hints At Doctor Strange / Avengers Team Up Before SDCC

By Steve Buja , Updated Jul 22, 2014 10:59 AM EDT

With the way Marvel drops news of upcoming titles seemingly every day, one wonders what exactly they'll be bringing to this week's annual San Diego Comic Con.

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In a move that boasts of geeky synergy, TVGuide reported that Lucy Lawless has joined the cast of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D in an as yet unknown role. Lawless is, of course, best known for her portrayal Xena: Warrior Princess in cult 90s show (that still holds up surprisingly well) as well as her role as toaster on Battlestar Galactica, a crazy lady on Spartacus and as the woman who tamed Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation. There is literally no demographic that is mad at this news.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D returns to ABC on September 23. One hopes that the show will be more like later-season 1 and not early-season 1.

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She can play a ballbuster, so a high ranking member of some S.H.I.E.L.D branch is not out of the question. Though she could also play some intergalactic friend or foe quite easily, there's almost nothing she could not be in this show.

Also on the Marvel casting front, Marvel president Kevin Feige spoke to IGN UK recently about the upcoming Doctor Strange film. No release date has been announced yet for the Sorcerer Supreme, but one may get announced during the Marvel panel at SDCC.

When asked if whether Strange could exist as his own separate entity, given his supernatural predilections, Feige answered: "It does make sense [to have standalone franchises], but I don't think it makes sense for this character, who has clearly woven in and out of that stuff in the comics." he added, "There's a template for everything we do, which are the comics. Strange goes back and forth. Guardians less so, actually, until recently. But if there's a character like that who clearly interweaves over the course of many stories, I find no reason to go, 'We're not going to do that in the movies. We're going to keep him in his own movies.' So there's always the potential for it [Strange to join The Avengers]." via IGN.

Strange hasn't been cast yet, but expect news of that soon. Presumably, Strange exists in the MCU, having been name dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a potential threat to America.

A shifting roster of heroes makes sense given the time commitment needed from the actors. Downey Jr. is already on his way out, as is Evans as Cap, so introducing new characters, like Strange and the upcoming Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch makes sense if Marvel wants to keep this train rolling until, basically, the end of time.

SDCC is this week. Guardians of the Galaxy hits the following Friday.

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