Halo And Destiny Composer Marty O'Donnell Settles Termination Lawsuit Against Former Employer Bungie

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 22, 2014 01:48 PM EDT

Marty O'Donnell has reportedly settled his suit against former employer, Bungie Studios.

Composer's Music Will Remain In Destiny Following Firing, Says Bungie

O'Donnell, the well-known composer behind the Halo music, recently filed a lawsuit against the developer for his abrupt termination in April. Venture Beat is reporting that the two parties have settled, with Bungie Chief Executive Harold Ryan paying $95,000 to O'Donnell for his claims.

The saga began in April when O'Donnell tweeted that he had been "fired without cause" by Bungie, later filing the law suit for unpaid vacation time, paid time off, and other benefits. There is presumably something to O'Donnell's case given the settlement, despite Bungie's denial in the original court documents.

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The documents showed that O'Donnell alleged no reason was given for his firing -- and that Bungie has a policy of paying employees for unused vacation days and time off, benefits the studio and Ryan promised to pay. O'Donnell was working on the upcoming game Destiny at the time, which will still feature his music.

Venture Beat reports King County Superior Court judge Jeffrey Ramsdell in Seattle approved the settlement, which should signal the end of the litigation. It remains to be seen if more details will emerge about the situation, including why Bungie decided to fire O'Donnell in the first place.

The Halo theme as become iconic in gaming, and in my recent experiences with Destiny, the music is excellent. Something must have occurred personally between the composer and his employers, but there's no reason to speculate, and we may never learn the full story as the settlement likely includes clauses meant to restrict subsequent defamation.

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