EA NHL 15 Skill Stick Details Revealed In New Video, Brings Greater Fine Control Than Before

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 28, 2014 04:01 PM EDT

The EA Sports team continues to show off NHL 15 details through narrated video clips, which demonstrate the new or upgraded feature being discussed.

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The newest post deals with the game's improved stick handling, which aims to give you greater control over the puck for dekes and skill moves than in games past.

The originally revolutionary Skill Stick feature, which maps control of your player's puck handling to the right analog stick on the controller, has seen steady upgrades through the years. The latest iteration looks to give the finest control over the stick yet, allowing for subtle and short dekes and puck movement.

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You can watch it on display in the video below, which is narrated to explain the new benefits. Your players are meant to flow across the ice as they control the puck, and even though it still looks like there are some pre-made animations, the action looks much more natural. The players seem slicker on their skates, cutting along with the stick moves to let you pull off better skills.

The short segment at center ice demonstrates the amount of control you can have over the puck, showing off very short side-to-side movements. It remains to be seen how this will all feel when you play the game yourself, but we won't be able to know that until there are opportunities for hands-on time with NHL 15.

Stay tuned for more updates and videos, as the developers will surely continue to release similar details as we lead up to the September 9 release date.

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