Walking Dead Season Three Confirmed By Telltale, Should Devs Focus On Game of Thrones & Tales From the Borderlands Instead?

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 29, 2014 09:13 AM EDT

In a Tweet from Telltale Games' official account, it was brought to light for all those who weren't able to attend San Diego Comic Con this year that The Walking Dead will be getting a third season.

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Unfortunately, that's all Telltale president Kevin Bruner was willing to divulge on the matter. With the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, "Amid the Ruins", just recently released (to wishy-washy reception right here at GameNGuide from our very own Alex Riviello) it's even fairly useless to start fan-speculating on what characters will be in it. Who knows who will even survive the Season Two finale?

Instead of fan speculation on what exactly will happen, let us take a moment to reflect on whether or not the great Walking Dead series should actually continue. Unless Telltale starts doing some amazing things in Season Three, both story and gameplay-wise, is there not an argument to be had for players basically having done everything there is to do in this universe, with this gameplay format, over the course of the past ten episodes and two seasons?

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Clementine's life is hard and terrible, and it's essentially a nihilistic slog through a post-apocalyptic dead man's land, making alliances until they, through zombie or human meddling, fall apart in tragedy. We've had these experiences as players many times already (well done as they may have been). Are we really that thirsty for more misery? With Game of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands on their plates, you'd think Telltale would have enough other types of stories to tell (with equally impressive IPs attached to them to boot).

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