Star Wars 7 Casting Rumors: Darth Vader Set To Return Played By WWE Superstar Sheamus?

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 02, 2014 11:48 AM EDT

WWE Superstar Sheamus has sent out a cryptic Tweet that might make some more serious-minded Star Wars fans feel like a million voices cried and were suddenly silenced.

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The tweet in question?

The case FOR Sheamus as Vader: Sheamus was around or heading towards the Irish isle of Skellig Michael, confirmed to be an Episode 7 shooting location. Mark Hamill is/was there, so we know Luke will be in an enchanting/dreary/dream-like looking location (before green-screen, that is). Which character better to have flashbacks or dream sequences about Darth Vader than his son (spoiler)? Sheamus is also approximately the same height as David Prowse, the original suit actor for Vader. Hayden Christensen, who got to play the Sith Lord for a scene in Revenge of the Sith was five inches shorter!

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The very simple case AGAINST Sheamus as Vader: he's a big time WWE wrestler. While this doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't have the chops to play a completely covered-up Sith Lord voiced by someone else, it does mean that he throws around a certain amount of contractual weight. To be blunt, WWE Superstars cost money. Maybe more money than one would want to spend on something that might conceivably also be achieved by any of your stunt men on set that are about David Prowse's height.

Then again, there's no telling if Sheamus isn't doing this (if he's doing it at all, of course) as a favor for free or at a severely reduced price for the pleasure of being in a Star Wars movie, if only for a few seconds. What say you all?

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