Easter Eggs In Guardians Of The Galaxy: Full List Includes Adam Warlock, Cosmo And The Infinity Stones Identified [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Aug 05, 2014 11:18 AM EDT

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Marvel movie in possession of a mindblowing opening weekend must be in want of an extensive Easter egg hunt.

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Mr. Sunday Movies is here to answer that call. The popular youtuber has broken down all of the Easter eggs found in Guardians of the Galaxy. What's more impressive is that he managed to get the video out just two days after the film hit theaters.

Spoilers are ahead, so if you haven't seen the film, perhaps due to a foot injury of some kind, you might want to tread lightly. Some of the highlights include that the Milano is named after Star Lord's crush Alyssa Milano, a backstory laden explanation as to how and why Yondu's arrow works and reveals the comic book identity of Peter's dad.

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Also, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma was in this! Kaufman helped director James Gunn get his start with the film Tromeo and Juliet.

Mr. Sundy posits that the stone that grants Ronan all his badassness is the Power Stone, one of six stones that make up the Infinity Gauntlet. James Gunn confirmed that the one in the film is in fact the Power Stone. The Aether from Thor: The Dark World is assumed to be the Reality gem (hence all the planes of existence), while the Tesseract has been confirmed to be the Space gem. Since Loki had dealings with the Chitauri, and by extension, Thanos, people have gathered that the gem inside his staff is the Mind gem. Makes sense, given that he was able to influence the minds of his adversaries so easily in The Avengers.

That leaves two gems left, the Time and Soul gem. Doctor Strange seems like a worthy candidate for one, if not both, of those Macguffins.

Gunn, speaking with Hitfix, was ecstatic about being able to add to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He felt a little giddy about getting to reveal so much of the lore here. "These are people that see a little bit more of the big picture because that's where they are, I guess. On Earth, these other guys, The Avengers, they're not quite tuned in to the bigger picture. They only see a little tiny piece of it. They're holding the ear of the elephant in the dark room. The Collector is... he's got all the lights on." he said.

Check out Mr. Sunday's Easter egg hunt below!

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