FIFA 15 Trailer: New Video Shows Off 3D-Scanned Real Player Faces, All 20 Recreated Premier League Stadiums, Live Crowd Chants And More

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Aug 06, 2014 11:59 AM EDT

New details from EA Sports for FIFA 15 have been revealed, including a new trailer that shows off the impressive player faces and authentic stadiums from around the Barclays Premier League.

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The developers brought in the real players to take 3D scans of their faces and import their likenesses into the game, creating much more realistic and accurate digital versions of the league's stars than ever before.

The results are pretty astounding: the FIFA 15 players look quite a bit like the real thing, and the developers say they scanned more than 200 heads. It seems that they've only done this for the BPL, which is disappointing for fans of other leagues, but understandable from the studio's point of view. It sounds like a huge undertaking just for the one league--I can't imagine how time and labor intensive it would be if they included at least La Liga, the Bundesliga and Serie A as well.

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EA Sports has also finally recreated each real stadium for the game: all 20 BPL venues will be accounted for, as you can see in the video below. Rather than somewhat generic stadia with the location slapped on, the developers have crafted each club's home to reflect the unique appearances, sizes and shapes seen around the league. Only eight real venues were recreated in FIFA 14.

The developers also recorded live crowds from BPL matches (two hours worth, they say) and put the chants, cheers, and songs into the game--you can listen to a sample with the file here:

The game will also simulate the new goal-line technology (something the series already had on its own since the computer knows when the ball crosses the line, but it never displayed it) by showing replays of the goal breaking or not breaking the plane.

It's good to see EA Sports adding what seems like several legitimately appealing features to the next iteration of its football franchise. Trying to avoid the dreaded "annual roster update" tag that's fairly or unfairly placed on sports titles is likely something on developers' minds, and if the gameplay and modes follow suit, FIFA 15 is shaping up nicely.

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