Nosgoth Open Beta Set For This Winter But Why Wait? Square Offering Free Double XP Weekend For F2P Legacy of Kain Spinoff [TRAILER]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Aug 06, 2014 04:53 PM EDT

Join the eternal battle between humans and vampires! Square Enix has just announced that you'll be able to download and try out Nosgoth this weekend for free.

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All you will need is a Steam account and you'll be able to download and play the game from August 7 to 10.

For helping Square to make Nosgoth the best that it can be, everyone that plays the Free Weekend will be rewarded with Double XP and an exclusive in-game badge.

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For those unaware, the game is based in the world of Legacy of Kain, although it doesn't have much of a resemplance to their classic series. It's a team-based multiplayer game that lets you play either as humans or vampires. Each side has numerous classes you can choose, each with their own look and unique abilities, but basically vampires are about close-up melee attacks while the humans have ranged weaponry.

It's not as simple as that, of course- Vampires can also leech health off the humans and use all sorts of abilities that mess with their little human minds. Vampire can also crawl on walls in order to get behind the humans (who are generally more powerful and dangerous at a distance), trick humans into thinking they're one of their teammates, and more.

Check out gameplay trailer for an idea of what to expect!

We got our hands on it at E3 and enjoyed our time with it, although it's the kind of game whose true quality will only be seen after multiple matches on different maps. You'll be able to get your taste this weekend and then keep an eye out this winter for the full open beta sometime this winter, with the full release sometime after.

For more on the game check out the official site at

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