Get A Tour Of Star-Lord's Guardians Of The Galaxy Ship 'The Milano' From Chris Pratt In New Video

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Aug 06, 2014 05:05 PM EDT

Guardians of the Galaxy has been taking the world by storm since opening, racking up millions at the box office and entertaining audiences and critics alike. A big part of that success has been lead actor Chris Pratt, who's amusing us again with a new video.

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The video, below, gives us a tour of Star-Lord's ship (Pratt's character in Guardians). While seeing the set and behind the scenes footage is usually interesting enough on its own, the tour is done in the style of MTV's Cribs, which of course adds greatly to the comedic value.

Complete with video cuts set to the music, rapidly rewound clips, and Pratt waving us from room to room in The Milano, it all adds up to a full-on Cribs parody worth watching.

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Most of the props are incredibly cool in and of themselves--the set and objects strewn about the cabin are high quality, and it all definitely adds to the world's aesthetic. Some of the dashboard screens and displays are real, moving parts of the set, not added as CGI as Pratt notes you might expect. It is indeed retro-in-space, and you'll appreciate a closer look at the setting if you've already seen it as a backdrop in the film.

I think I can speak for most people when I say we could all use some more Pratt (even if he unceremoniously kicks us out of Star-Lord's ship at the end), so hopefully he'll be making some more film appearances before his next Marvel role.

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