Crazy Taxi City Rush Runs A Redlight Onto Google Play Today; Disregard All Traffic Laws On Your Android Device And Drive A Tank [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Aug 07, 2014 01:32 PM EDT

Veteran games company SEGA has just released the Google Play version of its surprisingly popular mobile app Crazy Taxi: City Rush.

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The iOS version was released last week and has already gotten good to great reviews from users. Crazy Taxi: City Rush is the sequel to the Dreamcast - yes, Dreamcast - and arcade game Crazy Taxi, in which you, the crazy cabbie have to shuttle fares around the city as best you can. It's ridiculously, simplistically fun.

City Rush is designed by Kenji Kanno, creator of the original Crazy Taxi arcade phenomenon, and developed by Hardlight Studio, one of SEGA's top in-house studios and developer of Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump Fever, to name a few.

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"Crazy Taxi: City Rush preserves the spirit of the iconic arcade hit with all new adrenaline-fueled missions and a sprawling concrete jungle to unlock, explore, and master, featuring intuitive controls and gameplay optimized for smartphones and tablets."

In the game, you have to navigate the fully 3D world of Bay City, picking up fares and disobeying all the rules of the road as you try to get them from point A to point B in as little time as possible. You can also manage your own fleet of taxis alongside you friends, and even "borrow" their car via your Facebook account when yours is "mysteriously out of gas".

The game does feature in-app purchases for those looking to get ahead.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is now available for free on Android devices from Google Play and on iOS from the App Store. For more information on the game, visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Check out the launch trailer below.

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