New Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Free DLC Out Today Brings The Battle Home With The Suburbination Pack; New Courses, Customizations And VAMPIRES! [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Aug 12, 2014 08:55 AM EDT

A new DLC for the addictively fun Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game is now live for all Xbox 306, Xbox One and PC gamers!

Garden Warfare For PS3 And PS4 Will Be Getting Some Exclusive DLC Content

The pack, called Suburbination, brings the flora and non-fauna (nauna) action into that place where dreams and late night shops go to die: suburbia. The DLC brings a wealth of new content, including the new Suburbination game mode, the new Crash Course Map (available in Garden Ops, Gnome Bomb, Vanquish Confirmed, Team Vanquish and Suburbination), the addition of new Garden Ops missions, bosses and Zombies (including Baron Von Bats, the Treasure Yeti and the Yeti Imp), and the option to stylishly dominate suburbia with a new character variant and nearly 400 blinged-out customization items.

The new Suburbination mode acts much like Domination modes in other games. Teams will have a series of objectives to secure and in doing so, will earn more points. The more objectives, the higher the score. If a team gains all points on the map, they put the opposing team into a "state of Suburbination" which I assume is characterized by ennui, lots of driving in traffic and a lack of any real engaging nightlife, to which the other team has to break out of somehow.

Winning By An Inch Or A Mile Is Still Winning, Even In Clash Of Clans

PopCap is also introducing a new zombie villain, Baron Von Bats, who is a 300 year old vampire who can summon zombies at will and teleport to where he needs to be. Now there are zombie vampires? The world is a cruel place indeed.

A while ago, PopCap hosted a community art contest, asking fans of PvZ to design a new plant shooter. The lucky winner was Lefran Estera, who helped create the futuristic Plasma Peashooter, which can fire off a quick volley or store up a huge blast for a one shot kill.

The new customization items are all about shining that floss. Trick out your plants and your zombies in one of the most extensive DLC costume updates for the game. Plants like ice, right? Feels like they do.

Best of all, you can get all of this for free right now. Just sign in and bam, new content for you.

PS3 owners can expect all previously released DLC content to be made available next Tuesday when Garden Warfare hits.

Check out the Suburbination trailer below!

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