Halo The Master Chief Collection Gamescom Details: Halo 2 Anniversary Gameplay Looks Great, Halo 5 Beta Video Released

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Aug 12, 2014 11:07 AM EDT

343 Industries took the stage today during Xbox's Gamescom press conference to show off some Halo: The Master Chief Collection gameplay and announce other Halo-related news.

Evolve Open Beta Coming To Xbox One In January

The Halo 2 Anniversary remake within The Master Chief Collection was a major focus of the event, with the developers even treating us to a short match on remastered map Sanctuary between Halo pros (which you can watch below). The remade map looks fantastic--one of six that has been redone with current gen graphics--though the original version may be used competitively depending on how many small changes there are.

A major announcement for fans of Halo 2, and those interested in playing competitively, was that of the skill-based ranking system for multiplayer. Despite this system becoming a fan-favorite (and a staple for other franchises moving forward), skill-based ranking in matchmaking was used increasingly less in subsequent Halo titles. Its return should be celebrated in the community, and it will make matchmaking more palatable for more casual players.

EA Access Now Available On Xbox Live For Everyone

Additionally, a video outlining what to expect from the Halo 5: Guardians beta was presented during the conference. It will be four on four arena gameplay (the core multiplayer experience to competitive Halo) and launches on December 9.

343 also announced The Halo Channel, a service for console and PC that will let you access or watch all Halo content. Live action series Nightfall is available on the channel along with social media and other content, and you can start The Master Chief Collection from within it as well. The Halo Channel will launch in November.

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