One Piece Unlimited World Red Fifth DLC Pack Gives Nami A Schoolgirl's Uniform And Chopper A Bathrobe; New Quests Added Weekly

By Steve Buja , Updated Aug 13, 2014 01:46 PM EDT

You really must hand it to Bandai Namco, they know how to update their games. They released One Piece Unlimited World Red at the end of June and have already sent out four DLC packs. The fifth dropped today and Nami fans should definitely take note.

Third One Piece Unlimited World Red DLC Pack Gives Chopper A New Costume

The new DLC gives everyone's favorite buxom redhead the typical Japanese schoolgirl uniform as a new costume. Though still somewhat sexist, at least she is covered up. A previous DLC pack gave her a very small swimsuit to wear.

The pack also introduces a new side quest called "Love for Money" wherein players must defeat CP9's strongest member, Rob Lucci, in the fastest way possible. "Maybe a side trip during this quest will grant you tons of money?!"

The Pathfinder Card Game Goes Digital At Last!

CP9 is the secret Cipher Pol organization populated with a wide variety of assassins. Lucci was the source of frustration in last week's DLC pack Fight For Dark Justice.

Nami is not the only one who gets the costume treatment. Chopper, that lovable reindeer scamp, will show off his post-shower look with his new Bathrobe costume pack. At least it's far more tasteful than the Dead Or Alive bathtime pack.

Additionally, there are two new quests players can embark on:

Bubble Gathering Quest - Work as a chopper in the Fishman Island and gather as much bubbles and Soupy Fluid as possible.

Mountain Warfare Quest - The Snow Mountain will be the theatre for an epic and continuous fight against Wapol and Aokiji. Taking down the snowman might get you a special reward...

I like special rewards!

Tune in next week for more One Piece Unlimited World Red goodness. Be sure to pick it up on PS3, Vita, Wii U and the 3DS.

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